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MLC Solutions Inc. » Project Services


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    Project Services
    Project services to meet specific skills and experience.

    Project Services

    We also offer?COST + margin approach for the above services with direct reporting to the client?using flexible and ?extended office approach for our client to ramp up and ramp down the head count with a single e-mail or phone call.?We also offer for the?1st time PERFORMANCE SCORECARD based payment model.O ur? core areas for project services?are?:

    Enterprise application project services:

    We offer project services?for ?business application services in? ERP,CRM,SCM,HCM, areas for industry verticals like Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Telecom , Insurance, Retail, Government and Healthcare segments. We specialize in all major ERP and FREE proof-of-concept is available from us. We offer a blended rate which we GUARANTEE can never be beaten by Big 4 or the small IT firms.

    Product Development and Support Services:

    We offer core product development services in future growth areas like VOIP, Bluetooth, GSM, RFID, Wi Fi ?and data convergence. Our engineers are willing to stake the claim to fame with PERFORMANCE SCORECARD based payment for the 1st time in the industry which goes to show our confidence in not only building the products but envisioning what does not exist.

    Web Development Services:

    We offer core expertise in J2EE, .Net, Netweaver, Oracle Business suite based project services . We are willing to use a captive model for this web development services using a partnership model for co-development of web products. The fact that our current 60% business is through repeat orders speaks of our competence in this area.

    Application Modernization Services:

    We believe that every few years there is a paradigm shift in technology and in a cut throat market keeping yourself? at par with the worlds most innovative and best in class technology makes that small difference which form the cutting edge for your business. We offer this services in multiple modes including new architecture, development and data migration under a single roof.

    Application and Infrastructure Maintenance Services:

    We design, build, operate and manage end to end infrastructure and networks. We will setup the infrastructure, operating systems, database , wireless networks. We will also handle complete archiving, backups, disaster planning and disaster recovery operations for your organization including help-desk and Level 4 escalation.? We also handle auto-discovery application and PLM application management with a guaranteed response time. The statistics and tracking of this can be offered to you real-time using in-house web based tools ensuring complete responsibility and accountability for our end to end managed operations services.

    BPO Services:

    We also offer the BPO services for healthcare, accounting, legal and helpdesk environment with build, operate , maintain and/or transfer approach?customized to individual needs of each business.?Our competence in VOIP and CRM technology will ensure that you get the best-of-breed technology competence clubbed with industry experience.

    We have continuously upskilled and cross skilled our staff and do continuous skill upgrade in industry verticals to make our consultants cross functional in order to leverage maximum benefit for the client without increasing the headcount.

    Telecom Services:

    We provide end to end VOIP and virtual call centre setup , build , operate and transfer services for both small and large corporations. We provide complete conceptualization, proof-of-concept and integration of a diverse range of state-of-the-art telecom technology through our highly professional and dedicated telecom specialists.

    Please E-Mail us at info@www.huaianz.tw