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MLC Solutions Inc. » Staffing Services


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    Contract and Permanent Staffing
    We provide custom search for contract and permanent staffing.

    Staffing Services

    Your company needs that extra “Winning Edge” which only ” Winners ” can provide in the fiercely competitive cut throat world. Our company specializes in staff augmentation and have an in-house SAP Portal system with resume database to give realtime response to all types of requirements from our clients.

    Contract Staffing :

    We have a unique perspective to staffing as we have fullfledged labs for up-skilling, cross-skilling and continued skills development in-house workshops in all specialized skills like SAP, Peoplesoft, ERM, Serbanese and Oxley, Bill 198, FDA Validation and QA etc.

    Our recruiters unlike most staffing companies are themselves seasoned consultants who have actually worked on the system themselves in the local market and understand the intricacies of the business and technology area as well as the mindset of the client to ensure the “ideal fit” concept is met at all times during the hiring and deployment process.

    Outsourced Staffing :

    We offer a hybrid model of staffing in different parts of the world using? “follow-the-sun” concept. Our staffing assignments range from onsite assignments , offsite assignments to virtual staffing across different countries like USA, Canada and India.

    The staffing rates typically vary for each country. The advantage this offers to the client is two fold:

    1. The client is able to provide 24×7 turnaround to all production, development, test or support mode work.

    2. The client is able to leaverage economies of? scale by spreading the cost over different regions so that the weighted average cost is substantially lower enabling immediate cost saving and ultimately faster ROI.

    Permanent Staffing :

    We undertake full service placements for companies in diversified areas from Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Government, Oil and Gas and Utilities.

    Our recruiters are well versed in the interviewing and screening skills. The candidates undergo rigorous three level fitment test as well as a subjective test to?ascertain ?the cultural fit?besides the business and technological acumen.

    Our consultants have a success rate of 90% in terms of?satisfaction by the employer. Call us today to help you in your staffing assignments.