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MLC Solutions Inc. » Training Services


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    Training Solutions`
    Training for business and technology areas.

    Training Services

    We?do transition services into one of the following domains:

    ERP/CRM/SCM?–?Base and Advanced Modules
    ERM – SOX/Bill 198, Besel 2, ISO/BS standards.
    Pharmaceutical/Healthcare – LIMS, FDA, bio-technology.
    MLC strives to provide best-of-the-breed world class corporate services. We provide individually tailored? world classservice depending upon requirements of each corporation.

    Our trainers are specialized in each areas and come from our industry practice in the respective area. The current practice from our side are :

    ?ERP training Services for Corporations

    This includes all major ERP packages like SAP , Peoplesoft , Oracle and JD Edwards. The instructors have extensive experience in projects across various parts of the world and are conversant with the latest technologies and techniques.

    The ERP has been and intricate part of our group culture and philosophy which has helped both us and our clients keep abreast with latest development in technology and skills.

    The major focus on the training is on Core ERP modules like MM, PP , FI,CO,SD,QA,SM and HR.The new dimension areas include all anytime –anywhere product offering (e.g SCM, SEM, SRM, CRM, PLM, Portal etc)The latest release of all ERP and updated continuously to the most latest recently.

    ERM – Serbanes Oxley/ Turnbull/Bill 198/ Besel/ISO/BS ?training Services

    ERM is new services division of MLC? which involves complete risk assessment as per the industry standards set by the industry governing bodies like Serbanes and Oxley Act –SOA 404 under the SEC which talks about companies managements assertion of internal control over financial reporting introduced by the US government. The Canadian government introduced the Bill 198 and? is a guiding factor for implementation of compliance . We cover all aspects of IFRS regulations as well.

    The training process includes complete cradle to grave transition as well up-skilling and cross skilling in all segments of Risk Management.

    ?Bio-Informatics training Services

    Bio-Informatics is a new upcoming area with emergence of clinical research and FDA compliance along with bio-technological research which has resulted in DNA replication and genetic technological development.

    We have recently introduced this in the list of our services and is an emerging area of expertise . Our consultants are one of the few highly trained professionals in this area and includes some of the research analysts and doctors who practice in major multinational companies and hold major influence in the area. We also have a full fledged LIMS (laboratory information management system) training and clinical research facility within our group of companies.